2004 Ferrari Enzo F60

Named after the founder, Enzo Ferrari, the F60 is a modernized replacement to the legendary Ferrari F50 and is perhaps one of the most iconic Ferraris ever built. It incorporates all of Ferrari's race proven expertise and extensive knowledge of the Formula One technology. With its carbon-fiber body, carbon ceramic composite brakes, active aerodynamics, and F1 inspired blink-of-an-eye sequential paddle-shifted transmission the Enzo to the car industry is like a Space Shuttle to the space industry - one of the most advanced, radical and extreme cars ever built. With a limited production run of only 400 cars ever built Ferrari got to pick who could have one and who could not.

0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): 3.14 seconds
0-100 mph (0-160 km/h): 6.6 seconds
¼ mile (400 m): 11.0 seconds at 136 mph (219 km/h)
Nürburgring Circuit Lap Time: 7:25.21
Top Speed: 220 mph (350 km/h)
Horsepower: 660 bhp (485 kW) @ 7,800 RPM
Torque: 485 lb-ft (657 N·m) @ 5,500 RPM
Engine: 6.0 L V12 (5988 cc) naturally aspirated, DOHC, VVT, aluminum block and heads
Redline: 8,000 RPM
Downforce: 1,709 lb (775 kg) at 186 mph (300 km/h), rear wing is computer actuated
Transmission: 6-speed semi-automatic F1-style electrohydraulic gearbox, sequential paddle shifted, 150 ms shift time, clutchless design
Tires: Bridgestone Potenza Scuderia RE050A
Wheels: 19-inch (483 mm)
Brakes: 15-inch (381 mm) carbon ceramic Brembo with 6 pot calipers
Chassis Layout: mid-engine, 2-seater
Weight Distribution: 43.9/56.1 (front/rear)
Wheelbase: 104.3 inches (2,650 mm)
Length: 185.1 inches (4,702 mm)
Width: 80.1 inches (2,035 mm)
Height: 45.2 inches (1,147 mm)
Weight: 3,010 lb (1,365 kg)
Gas Mileage (US): 12 mpg (20 L/100 km) city, 18 mpg (13 L/100 km) highway
Safety Features: active aerodynamics, traction control
Production: limited, only 400 produced
Base Price: $659,330 (US)

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